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Below are resources for Catskill Central School District Staff Members:

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Below is a list of key resources on designed to assist educators with the implementation of the Common Core.

  1. The New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards in ELA and Mathematics*
    Read the standards organized by grade level in both English language arts and math.
  2. The Common Core Shifts *  These resources explain the six instructional shifts in ELA and math needed to effectively implement the Common Core.
  3. Memo regarding the Implementation of the Common Core* The State Education Department sent this memo to school administrators providing an update on Common Core implementation.
  4. Common Core Curriculum Materials in ELA and Math* Access free Common Core-aligned curriculum materials, including lesson plans and performance tasks, in ELA and math.
  5. Common Core Assessment Design View Item Review Criteria and additional guidance resources designed to guide test question development on the Grades 3-8 ELA and math assessments.
  6. Test Guides and Sample Questions* for Grades 3-8 ELA and Math Assessments The test guides and sample questions demonstrate how the Common Core will be measured on the 2013 assessments.
  7. Text List for P-12 ELA*The Text List for P-12 ELA contains all the full-length books, articles, excerpts and other texts to be used in the ELA curriculum modules on EngageNY.
  8. Tri-State Quality Review Rubric and Rating Process*The Tri-State Collaborative (composed of educational leaders from Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island and facilitated by Achieve) has developed criterion-based rubrics and review processes to evaluate the quality of lessons and units intended to address the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and ELA/Literacy.
  9. Workbook for Network Team Implementation of Common Core, Data Driven Instruction, and APPR* This workbook is designed to assist Network Teams, District Superintendents and superintendents in their ongoing Common Core, Data Driven Instruction, and APPR implementation efforts.
  10. Evidence Collection Tools for Classroom Use* The purpose of these tools is to capture evidence of the shifts in practice in each of our classrooms. The results of this collection can play a key role in providing evidence-based feedback in general and as it relates to APPR specifically.
  11. Common Core Video Library^-Watch how educators are bringing the Common Core to life in their classrooms.
  12. Common Core in ELA/Literacy

    1. Common Core in ELA/ Literacy: An Overview*

    2. Common Core in ELA/ Literacy: Getting Started*

    3. Common Core in ELA/ Literacy: Shift 1: PK-5: Balancing Informational Text and Literature*

    4. Common Core in ELA/ Literacy: Shift 2: 6-12 – Building Knowledge in the Disciplines*

    5. Common Core in ELA/ Literacy: Shift 3 – Staircase of Complexity*

    6. Common Core in ELA/ Literacy: Shift 4 – Text Based Answers*

    7. Common Core in ELA/ Literacy: Shift 5 – Writing from Sources*

    8. Common Core in ELA/ Literacy: Shift 6 – Academic Vocabulary*


  13. Common Core in Mathematics
    1. Common Core in Mathematics: Overview*
    2. Common Core in Mathematics: Getting Started*
    3. Common Core in Mathematics: Shift 1 – Focus*
    4. Common Core in Mathematics: Shifts 2-6*