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Cheryl Rabinowitz - Director of Technology PreK-12
& Middle School Principal
943-5665 ext . 1301 email
Don MarinoDistrict Network Administrator
Brian Farrell - District Computer Technician
Dylan Dombroski-- District Computer Technician
Yvonne Coats - District Technology Teaching Assistant  

Deanna Costello-District Technology Teaching Assistant

Ruth Fiske-District Technology Teaching Assistant

Len Reyngoudt--District Technology Teaching Assistant

Frequently Visited Websites/Flyers
1. District Technology Resources, Staff Development & Newsletters*
2. Microsoft Outlook Exchange Email Access
3. Classlink 2000 Home Access*
4. Classlink 2000 Flyer-Remote Access & Regular Helpdesk for Students, Parents, Staff
5. Classlink 2000 Flyer- Platinum Plus Support Extended Helpdesk  for Students, Parents, Staff
Classlink 2000 LaunchPad Reference Guide for Students
7. Classlink 2000 LaunchPad Reference Guide for Staff
8. Library Resources

9. Catskill CSD Cyberbullying Website*


2015-2016 Catskill High School Student Technology Information


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