Winter Sports Awards

Catskill High School held it’s 2016-17 Winter Sports Awards night March 2nd in the CMS auditorium. The event honored the Catskill Cats’ most outstanding student-athletes.


Varsity Wrestling:
MVP – Richard Forbes
Coaches Award – Joe Barrezueta

Boys Varsity Volleyball:
MVP – Andrew Macholdt
MIP – Eli Jean

Girls Varsity Basketball:
MVP – Hayley Jones
Coaches Award – Quincie Moe

Girls JV Basketball:
Coaches Award – Jessica DuPont
Coaches Award – Angie Colon

Boys Varsity Basketball:
Offensive MVP – Justice Brantley
Coaches Award – Justin Worth
Jimmie Franco Award – Logan Worth

Boys JV Basketball:
MIP – Ronelle Lowe-Scott
Defensive Player – Addison Allen

Coaches Award – Megan Rivenburgh
Most Improved – Max Marchasani

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