Expert Fair

Dr. Cook talls with student about project

Are you an expert? Our 2nd graders certainly are! On April 27th they hosted an Expert Fair in the cafeteria to show off their knowledge on a topic of their choosing. The fair was part of a research and writing project their teachers had them complete. Each student chose a subject he or she was really interested in, researched that topic in the library and online, and wrote a non-fiction chapter book about it. To go along with their books, the students could create a visual display that showed off all that info they had gathered – part of being an expert is sharing what you know, right? On the day of the fair, the second grade set up their books and displays in the cafeteria and parents and faculty came through to check out all that expert knowledge, and there was plenty to share! Catskill’s next superintendent, Dr. Cook, was visiting CES that day and dropped in to check out the fair too!

Visitors could bone up on facts about wild animals (both living and extinct), volcanoes, pets, planets, the solar system, dance, video games, baking, farm animals – too much to list here! The 1st grade also made a visit to the 2nd grade to learn from our experts and see what types of projects they would be doing next year when they move up to 2nd grade.

Student with display on dinosaurs Student with displayon cheese and cows

student show off castle she madestudent with display






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