Catskill Spring Rush

runners ar the starting line

The beginning of the race

The Catskill High School Business Club hosted the twelfth annual Catskill Spring Rush triathlon on May 20th. The event is organized by the Catskill High School Marketing class under the guidance of their teacher, Mr. Patrick Hernandez.

With the sun shining and student organizers in place the race was ready to begin. Athletes, participating in individual or team categories, started the race on foot with two laps around the high school track before moving on to the village streets to complete a 2.25-mile run to the transition area. There, the athletes moved to their bikes for a 10-mile ride on a tough route that included mountain climbs and quick descents before concluding back at the school transition area. Student volunteers assisted the racers into kayaks for the last leg of the race; a paddle down Catskill Creek to the Catskill Point and back to the school for the finish.

kids on bikes at the finish line

Spring Sprint competitors at the finish line

While the Rush was in action, the student event coordinators hosted a youth race called the Spring Sprint. Children ran two laps around the high school track and mounted their bikes for the second part of the race around the school to the finish line.

The Spring Rush concluded and while the race results were calculated and prior to the winners being announced, the student organizers provided lunch for all in attendance.

As part of this event, Steiner’s Sports sponsors the Steiner’s Spring Rush Cup, a cherished hand-crafted trophy which high schools compete for. The Rush Cup draws school track and field athletes to Catskill for a healthy competition and the chance to have their names immortalized, as each year, whoever wins the Cup has their names and the name of their school engraved upon it.

Congressman Faso with Legislators Lennon, Bulich, & Luvera pose with student leaders

Congressman Faso with Legislators Lennon, Bulich, & Luvera pose with student leaders

The students were surprised with a visit from Congressmen John Faso accompanied by County Legislators Kevin Lennon, Mike Bulich, and Matt Luvera. The County Legislators contribute to the Spring Rush as a sponsor through the County Youth Fund. The donations pay for necessary supplies and materials for the event. This special visit highlighted the student’s accomplishments and the lawmakers congratulated them for taking their classroom education and extending it to a successful community event.

According to Congressmen John Faso the Spring Rush “gives students a great opportunity to get involved in the community and display their leadership, all important things for the future.” Legislator Matt Luvera said that the “Spring Rush is a great community event and it promotes our area and the wonderful resources we have here.” Legislator Kevin Lennon discussed the value of the Business Club and how it “teaches leadership skills that students will be able to use in later life and also promotes volunteerism.” Legislator Mike Bulich spoke of how “competition is an important aspect of education to prepare you for your life and career.”

The 2017 Spring Rush first place finishers by category:

Spring Sprint Karsen Chiminelli
Rush Cup Iain Alexander, Logan Denniston, Jesse Davies – Catskill High School
Women’s Team Karen Vanwie and Sarit Saad
Men’s Team Kevin McCue and Daniel McCue
Men’s Team 150+ Steve Ritter, Leo Burke, Gary Longey
Mixed Team Joseph Gulden and Caitlin Gulden
Iron Woman 20-29 Katrina Josberger
Iron Woman 30-39 Rachel Rhymaun
Iron Woman 40-49 Ann Hinrechsen
Iron Woman 50-59 Christina Van Slyke
Iron Man up to 19 Greg Nattkarsky
Iron Man 20-29 Evan Chamberas
Iron Man 30-39 Ricardo Rhymaun
Iron Man 40-49 Matt Alexander
Iron Man 50-55 James Yutesler
Iron Man 56-59 Phillip Borgese
Iron Man 70-79 Nick Mercurio

The Catskill Business Club posts signs identifying all of the community sponsors that make the event possible. The Marketing class also produces a sports magazine that highlights all of the high school teams and reports on their successes for the year. The magazine was available free of charge for all participants and guests.

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