Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

Help Catskill CSD Spread Kindness

Take a photo of yourself doing one of these Random Acts of Kindness and #catscanbekind.  Then show the photo to any faculty member and receive a reward.

  1. Buy the person behind you coffee
  2. Donate to your favorite charity
  3. Bake cookies for your neighbor
  4. Donate to a food bank
  5. Send a card in the mail just because
  6. Volunteer
  7. Donate old blankets and towels to an animal shelter
  8. Paint rocks and hide them for others to find
  9. Thank a   member with a gift
  10. Write letters to deployed soldiers
  11. Let someone go in front of you in line
  12. Leave a generous tip at a restaurant
  13. Send someone flowers
  14. Hand make a gift for a friend
  15. Help someone before they ask
  16. Carry a stranger’s groceries
  17. Pick up litter at the park
  18. Share a positive message on Snapchat
  19. Deliver treats to your local police station
  20. Place a jar of pennies by a wishing well
  21. Leave a note of encouragement on someone’s locker/door
  22. Leave money on a vending machine for the next person
  23. Write a list of reasons you love someone and give it to them
  24. Draw or paint something for someone
  25. Help the custodians at school
  26. Send coloring books to sick kids in the hospital
  27. Give the bus driver a thank you note
  28. Visit your local senior center to brighten their day
  29. Send a letter to a friend or family member instead of a text
  30. Write a kind encouraging message on a napkin
  31. Leave a positive message in a book for someone to find
  32. Hide change in random places for strangers to find
  33. Be the reason someone smiles today
  34. Teach someone something new
  35. Do a favor without asking for anything in return


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