AMC Top Scorers

High-achieving math students from CHS participated in the American Mathematics Competition, a challenging 25-question examination given across the country on February 7. From CHS, 15 students in 9th or 10th grades took the AMC 10 exam while 15 students from 11th or 12th grades took the AMC 12 exam. The results are in! Congratulations to our school’s top scorers.

AMC 10
1st place – Jacob Mitchell
2nd place – Brandon Liardo
3rd place – Kaelyn Bulich

AMC 12
1st place – Amy Li
2nd place – Anna Bulich
Tied for 3rd place – Ariana Nieves and Rachel Reed

Catskills top finishers and math facuty pose for picture in High School lobby

Pictured left to right are our top finishers with the CHS math department faculty. Front row: Melanie Banks (teacher), Kaelyn Bulich, Ariana Nieves, Amy Li, Anna Bulich, Erin Holdridge-Carlile (teacher). Back row: Paul Irvis (teacher), Jim Maccaline (teacher), Jacob Mitchell, Brandon Liardo, Rachel Reed, Jeff Dudzic (teacher).


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