Family Math Game Night

Some photos from our Family Math Game Night!

On March 28, Greg Tang, Jr. and his team from Tang Math visited Catskill Elementary School for the ultimate day of learning and fun. Mr. Tang is a master game developer, programmer, word problem expert, and the creator of math games like Tangy Tuesdays, Ten Frame Mania and NumTanga. During the school day, he worked with each grade level, hosting assemblies for the students, while his partners, Ruth and Jared, worked with our math teachers, so everyone could learn fun and exciting math games. They brought all of their online games in card and board game format – including NumTanga, Kakooma, Math Limbo, Tangy Jeopardy and more, and gave our school all of these materials to keep!

Students (over 150!) and their families returned to school that evening so parents and guardians could play these same games with their children! The games help families think about numbers and math in new and better ways. Students and parents rotated through different math stations – each with a different fun activity to learn, play, and keep doing at home!

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