Spring Rush – Run, Bike, Paddle June 8

The CHS Business Club has partnered with local businesses, parents, and friends to sponsor the 14th annual Spring Rush Saturday, June 8, 8:30 a.m. at Catskill High School. This is a school-based exercise that teaches students leadership and management skills by allowing them to organize and run this school-sponsored event.

Registration forms are available in the CHS main office and superintendent’s office, or email phernand@catskill.org or register online at Active.com. Registration may also be completed the day of the race. Includes breakfast, lunch, water on course & T-shirt. $40.00 per person.

They are also hosting a youth “Spring Sprint” run & bike race for children under 13 years old with a registration of $10.00.

The Rush Route

I. 2.25 Mile Run-Walk
The first leg will take you from the track at Catskill High School through historic Catskill. The route will follow a residential route.

II. 10 Mile Bike
The bike route will start at the school waterfront and will follow winding roads alongside creek vistas, up and down rolling hills.

III. Kayak or Canoe
The last leg of the race starts at the school waterfront. The route follows the creek to the point and back. A Rush boat will manage the turn.

Kayaks will be available on a limited first come, first serve basis.

Learn more at the Spring Rush website  

Business Club advisor Patrick Hernandez


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