CHS Students Create Mural for Historic Museum

Over a period of four weeks in May and June, Mrs. Doney’s art classes designed and created a mural for a permanent installation at The Bronck House Museum. Museum Board of Trustees member Richard Muggeo had inquired if the students might be interested in painting the mural, and it was made into a large-scale, collaborative project across both the Drawing and Painting classes.

The students worked in teams to paint five 4 x 7 1/2 foot panels, creating an autumn scene of the Catskills that would be the backdrop for an antique carriage that museum will display as one its exhibits.

“We were honored to be asked, and I am so proud of their efforts and how well they worked together to complete the final project to present to The Bronck House,” said Mrs. Doney.

As a class project, the students were graded on their learned skills in painting, color-matching, composition and balance to create the panels to make one cohesive painting. They made creative decisions and worked collaboratively as a team to complete the project.

students pose with completed mural showing Catskill Mountains landscape


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