Students Dye Scarves with Visiting Artist

Kathy Klompas, a local artist who dyes beautiful scarves, led a workshop at Catskill High School for the Graphic Design and Drawing & Painting art classes, as well as for the Fashion class. She showed the students how they could make patterns and marks on natural materials with the dyes and assisted them in the process. The art students plan to work alongside the students from the Fashion class by making dyed scarves for our school’s upcoming Fashion Show, happening this May. This way the art classes can take part in the show and learn a new technique by dyeing the scarves that will be worn in the show. “This cross-curricular project will hopefully be the first of many,” said art teacher Mrs. Doney, who invited Ms. Klompas in to work with her students. Special thanks to the Catskill Educational Foundation for providing the grant that covered the costs of the materials and Ms. Klompas’ visit to our school.

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