Important Letter from Principal Bragg – Alternative Graduation Plan for the Class of 2020

Dear Seniors and Parents,

I want to thank you for your patience regarding the planning of an alternative graduation and celebrating our seniors for their accomplishments. Although the pandemic has made it difficult to provide our seniors a traditional graduation in front of the middle school, we have compiled your input from the survey as well as worked closely with a team of staff members to organize the best option. We need to make sure we are following the Executive Orders from the Governor and the regulations from the County and Health Department.

Starting Monday, June 1 st through Wednesday, June 10th, we have set-up times (times were mailed to families) for immediate family members (4 max) and graduate to report to the auditorium entrance. A staff member will greet you and escort the family members to a temperature check at the doors. The family members and graduate will then proceed to the main lobby of the auditorium where the parents will record a special congratulation to their child. We will then proceed to a virtual graduation in the auditorium where the immediate family members will hand their child their diploma. Pictures of the graduate as well as the family members will be taken. I will be providing a video of the process in the near future to show the process.

Once we have completed the taping of the graduation, including speeches from the Valedictorian, Salutatorian, Dr. Cook, guest speaker, and I, Mr. Hernandez and his team will develop a final product to present a live streaming on graduation day, Friday, June 26th at 6:00 p.m.

In addition to this virtual graduation, we will recognize our senior class with a senior drive-through (replacing the traditional walk-through). Seniors will report to the Elementary school on graduation day (June 26th) at 2:00 p.m. in their vehicles. Staff members will be outside the elementary, middle, and high school to wave to the students driving by. The drive-through will be led by local police and fire starting at the elementary school and ending at the high school. We encourage the seniors to wear their cap and gown and decorate their cars for the event.

On behalf of the Catskill High School teachers and staff, we sympathize with you as parents and students. This is an unprecedented time that has cheated our young adults with their senior events. We want to make sure we make their graduation as traditional as we can within the prescribed guidelines and regulations.

Seniors, we miss you and wish you the very best. Once the regulations are lifted, plans will be made for a traditional graduation.

Stay safe and healthy,

Benjamin Bragg, Principal
Catskill High School

Class of 2020 Plan for Graduation

Mr. Bragg will provide a visual example of the process prior to the taping on the website and Youtube.

  1. Students/Families will be given an arrival time. No more than 4 family members can accompany a student.
  2. Families will wait in their cars by the auditorium door entrance until they are invited in.
  3. Before entering, families, students and staff will have their temperature checked. Anyone with an elevated temperature will be rescheduled.
  4. Once temperature is cleared, families & graduates will enter the auditorium doors escorted by a staff member.
  5. Families & graduates will stop at Station 1 – outside the auditorium. At Station 1, parents will record a short message to their graduate.
  6. Families & graduates will proceed to Station 2 – outside the Music Room. At station 2, graduates will be in queue to receive their diploma.
  7. Families & graduates will enter backstage.
  8. Parents will proceed to the center of the stage first.
  9. The Graduate’s name will be announced and they will walk across the stage and receive their diploma from their parents/family.
  10. Photos will be taken on stage of the graduate receiving their diploma, an individual graduate photo and a family photo.
  11. Once the diploma has been presented and received and photos taken, families and graduates will exit the door by the stage, proceed to their vehicle and leave immediately.
  12. Families & Graduates will not proceed to the next Station until it is cleared by the previous family.
  13. All staff will wear masks and gloves.
  14. Filming will take 5 days and begin June 1st.
  15. Students who are at risk of not completing graduation requirements will receive their diploma at a later date once requirements are met. They will receive the diploma jacket at graduation filming.

The taped version of graduation will show on local tv stations and website at the normal designated time on the calendar (6:00 pm).

Senior Drive-Through
In lieu of The Senior Walk-through, Seniors will have a Senior Drive-through the day of Graduation, June 26th, at 2pm. Students will wear Caps & Gowns and decorate their cars. Police and Fire will lead the drive-through starting at the elementary school, then proceed to the middle school and high school. Staff will be outside cheering them on while maintaining social distancing.

Graduation 2020. Auditorium Drawing

Graduation 2020 Auditorium Drawing

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