Dr. Cook’s Response to the Minnesota Incident Involving Mr. George Floyd

I am personally troubled by the recent incident that occurred in Minnesota regarding Mr. George Floyd and the events happening around the country that have resulted from it. Incidents of bullying, harassment, racism and discrimination have perpetuated our society for a long time. As the leader and CEO of the Catskill Central School District, I will not remain silent when I know it is imperative that we move forward collectively to teach our children about love, peace and tolerance for all. Respectful discourse and positive displays of unity will help us get through this difficult time together. Negativity and violence will only distort the message for needed change. I encourage all to be responsible and respectful. For any student or staff member having difficulty coping with the current events, our counseling team is here for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

Dr. Ronel Cook, Superintendent of Schools


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