The Cats are on the Street!

Catskill High School, Middle School and Elementary School all created cats for the annual Cat’n Around Catskill summer exhibition in downtown Catskill this year.

“Creeper Cat” was designed and created by Catskill High School students in Art Club with help from students across different art classes, as well as administration and faculty members, to paint it. The sponsor for the CHS cat this year is Kirwan’s Game Store on Main Street. Each year, the Art Club comes up with a design that they think will be not only unique, but also something that any student can participate in working on. This year, green squares that represent the popular video game Minecraft were painted on the cat. It was challenging to put squares around the form of a cat, but it worked!

Also a part of the exhibition this year from the high school is a cat that two art students designed on their own! “Catwalk Cat” was created by seniors Regina Johnson and Elijah Dedrick, who worked together to design and create their own cat. The pair attended the Heart of Catskill’s cat reception to present their idea, where they got their sponsor, Caldwell Banker Village.

“Pilates Fit Feline” was designed and created by Catskill Middle School students. This is the first year that Middle School students participated in designing a cat. They were very excited to be a part of this amazing project and enthusiastically began brainstorming, decided on a space theme and got a sponsorship from Body Be Well Pilates. The sponsor shared her thoughts with the group and the students merged their ideas with those that their sponsor presented. The students learned much about collaboration and working together with different ideas as their space cat evolved into a Pilates cat with a galaxy-printed warmup jacket and matching pink sweatbands.

“Space Cat” was the idea of elementary art teacher Jennifer Allison and was created by Catskill Elementary School students. All K-5 students helped to draw and paint this cat, which features space ships, astronauts, UFO’s, aliens, planets, moons, stars, satellite dishes, asteroids, constellations, and the sun (see if you can find the “castronaut” and other cosmic kitties). Space Cat is sponsored by the Catskill Teachers Association.

All cats are now up and ready for the season! Come see them!

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