Contact Tracing for Schools

Green County, NY Public Health Seal showing sun setting behind mountain

Greene County Public Health (GCPH) Procedures for Contact Tracing for Schools

  1. After receiving notice of a positive confirmed COVID case, GCPH will reach out to the school’s COVID Resource (C.R.) designee, or COVID Response (C.R.) designee to ascertain information needed to begin the contact tracing process.
  2. The C.R. at the school should have logged investigative information starting from the date of an initial screening of a possible case. This will help ensure accurate information is reported.
  3. GCPH will then begin the COVID-19 Intake form and will contact all of the necessary individuals to complete the Monitoring Assessment (contact tracing occurs 48 hours prior to last known exposure). GCPH will input data to the NYSCommCare system daily, and tracking of required individuals will begin, along with possible “Isolation & Quarantine” orders.
  4. GCPH will produce a “Release from isolation or quarantine” letter to the individual when appropriate.

More information on reopening school can be found on our COVID-19 Response & Resources page…

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