COVID-19 Testing Information

Per the New York State Department of Education’s guidance to schools for reopening, Recovering, Rebuilding, and Renewing: The Spirit of New York’s Schools, “it is strongly recommended that schools comply with CDC guidance and not conduct COVID-19 testing or require testing or antibody testing of students or staff members. The decision of whether a test needs to be conducted should be determined by a healthcare provider or the local department of health. CDC Interim Considerations for K-12 School Administrators for SARS-CoV-2 Testing  Schools should identify who in the community is responsible for referring, sourcing, and administering testing (e.g., local health department testing site, physician offices, hospital system) particularly in the event that large-scale testing at the school is needed. Schools wanting to perform COVID-19 testing must apply and be approved as a limited service laboratory (LSL). Please refer to the instructions and application materials, and if applicable, the worksheet for multiple locations.” Therefore, the school district will not be testing individuals. A list of regionally available testing locations is available on the school district website at for individuals that may want to be tested on their own. School district health care professionals will refer symptomatic individuals to their primary care provider (PCP) for testing.

In the event an individual screens confirmed for COVID-19 symptoms while at school, meaning that they have a fever, or appear symptomatic while at school with any of the COVID-19 symptoms identified by the CDC, they will be placed in an isolation area. For students, parents/guardians will be called to pick the student up from school immediately. Staff members will be asked to leave immediately. Individuals will be referred to their primary care provider (PCP) for evaluation. If the primary care provider (PCP) determines that the symptoms are not COVID-19 related, a note from the primary care provider (PCP) stating such diagnosis must be provided in order to return to school or work. If the primary care provider (PCP) determines that the symptoms are COVID-19 related, testing must occur.

It is imperative that individuals seek medical evaluation from their primary care provider (PCP) to determine whether or not these symptoms are related to a known or diagnosed condition other than COVID-19 (i.e. ear infection, allergies, etc.).

At the minimum, New York State Department of Health Guidelines requires “documentation from a health care provider following evaluation, negative COVID 19 diagnostic test result and symptom resolution, or if COVID 19 positive, release from isolation.” If an individual tests positive for COVID-19, isolation protocols will be required and release from isolation will be determined by the local health department of residency.

Any symptomatic student or staff awaiting testing results should self-quarantine and will not be allowed to return to school until released by a negative COVID-19 test result. If an individual is confirmed as positive for COVID-19, isolation protocols will be required for 10 days per CDC guidelines and symptom free for 72 hours, and release from isolation will be determined solely by local health department of residency. A release letter provided the local health department of residency will be required for the return to school.

If a confirmed test result occurs, the county of residency will be notified by the laboratory performing the test.  Individuals will be also be notified by either the initial testing facility or their local health department for negative results. The parents of any student who has tested positive must notify the school district as soon as possible. The district COVID-19 School Resource Person for the school will coordinate with the local health department of residency for contact tracing purposes.

In the event a student is under mandatory quarantine by the local health department, the school district will provide remote learning options for the student for the length of their quarantine.

School Closure

School closure decisions will occur in consultation with the local health department. This may involve the closure of a classroom or entire facility depending on the quantity of suspected and/or confirmed cases. There may be no need to close to a school building if the local health department determines that the identified close contacts are excluded from school and the facility may continue normal operations. Full closure of a school facility may be necessary in some situations and will be implemented on a case-by-case basis.


(This information is subject to change, please visit for the most up-to-date testing site information.

New York State Testing Site

State University New York at Albany

1400 Colonial Quad

Albany NY 12208

Must make an appointment by

Calling: 1-888-364-3065 or

Completing an online form:


Greene County Public Health

411 Main Street

Catskill, NY 12414


By appointment only

CareMount Medical Urgent Care

6734 Route 9

Rhinebeck NY 12572


Kingston Mid-Town Mobile Site
27 Grand Street
Kingston, NY 12401
845-303-2730By appointment only
Columbia County Department of Health

325 Columbia Street

Hudson NY 12534


Priority 1 Urgent Care

2080 Western Ave

Guilderland NY 12084


Columbia Memorial Hospital Rapid Care
2827 Route 9
Valatie, NY 12184
need referral from County Department of Health
Rite Aid – Colonie

1863 Central Avenue

Colonie NY 12205

By appointment only


Community Care Physicians

713 Troy Schenectady Road

Latham NY 12110

By appointment only

WellNow Urgent Care                                             

446 Fairview Avenue

Hudson NY 12534


Emergency One Kingston
40 Hurley Avenue
Kingston, NY 12401
Whitney Young

920 Lark Drive

Albany NY 12208

By appointment only

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More information on reopening school can be found on our COVID-19 Response & Resources page…

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