Patroon Conference General Guidelines & Guidelines for Athletes, Coaches & Parents

(Issued September 21, 2020)

The districts within the Patroon Conference are dedicated to minimizing risk to our athletes, coaches,
event personnel and communities. With that in mind all districts will be adhering to the following guidelines:


  1. All athletes and coaches traveling to another district will be screened (temperature check) prior
    to loading the bus(es). Athletes/coaches running a temperature or 100 degrees or greater will
    not travel that day.
  2. The host district will provide hand sanitizing stations for the home and visiting teams and event
  3. Coaches and event personnel will be required to wear face coverings when social distance
    cannot be maintained.
  4. The host district will provide event personnel, such as chaperones, at athletic contests to assist
  5. The host district will provide restroom facilities at events.
  6.  The host district will clearly mark socially distanced spaces at events for spectators.
  7. The host district will delineate a home and a visitor side at athletic events.
  8. The host district will not be providing concessions at events.
  9. The host district will designate storage space for visiting team supplies.
  10. All districts will be following the Patroon Conference Spectator Guidelines when hosting an
    athletic event.
  11. All districts will provide training for athletes, coaches and event personnel on hand and
    respiratory hygiene, and the wearing/removing/cleaning/disposal of face coverings.
  12. The host district will ensure that athletic facilities are properly cleaned prior to and after an
    athletic event.
  13. The conference will establish a media plan.


  1. Athletes will wear face coverings/gaiters when on the bench, in the huddle, on the field (if
    tolerated), on the bus, and when transitioning to and from an athletic site. Athletes should
    follow any other rules pertaining to face coverings/gaiters established by the coach.
  2. No hugging, high fives, shaking hands, or fist bumps.
  3. Athletes should not wear another athlete’s clothing, and should not share personal hygiene
    items or towels.
  4. Mouth guards should be kept in an athlete’s mouth during practices/contests. If removed, a
    mouth guard should be properly disinfected.
  5. Athletes who are not feeling well will stay home and not participate in practices and contests until they are well.
  6. Athletes will bring their own water bottle daily. Hydration is extremely important. Please check to make sure your child has his/her water bottle before leaving the house.


  1. Wear face coverings/gaiters when social distancing cannot be maintained.
  2. Bring a bag for storage of their personal supplies.
  3. Clean all personal coaching gear after each practice/contest.
  4. Follow cleaning protocols for supplies/equipment after each practice/contest.
  5. Communicate guidelines/expectations in a clear manner.
  6. Consider “cohorting” athletes during practices/workouts.
  7. Maintain accurate records of athletes attending practices/contests and submit weekly to the
    Athletic Director.


  1. Have students wash/sanitize hands and shower as soon as possible after a practice or
  2. Clean/disinfect an athlete’s personnel equipment after each practice/contest.
  3. Clearly label child’s personal items.
  4. Do not bring food to share with team members.
  5. Keep ill students from attending practices and contests.
  6. Communicate an athlete’s illness with the coaches immediately.
  7. Maintain social distancing requirements with those outside of your household. Do not
    congregate in areas.
  8. Considerations for extra items to include in an athlete’s bag:
    a. Water bottle
    b. Extra plastic water bottles
    c. Towel
    d. Hand sanitizer
    e. Plastic bag(s) for footwear (large ziplock)
    f. Garbage bag for rainy days
    g. Extra face coverings/gaiters (in a ziplock bag)
    h. Gloves made for activity
    i. Ziplock with bandaids/ointment for minor cuts

Guidelines for Officials

The districts within the Patroon Conference are dedicated to minimizing risk to our athletes, coaches,
event personnel and communities. With that in mind all districts will be adhering to the following
guidelines for officials:

Officials will…

  1. call the host school 24 to 48 hours in advance.
  2. NOT monitor activities on the sidelines.
  3. self-screen prior to leaving for an athletic event. Districts may/will complete a
    temperature check on site.
  4. leave the area without interacting with others at the conclusion of the event.
  5. maintain social distance of 6’ from others whenever possible.
  6. ask about receiving electronic vouchers.
  7. wash/sanitize hands frequently.
  8. NOT share uniforms, towels, supplies, or personal hygiene items.
  9. use a face covering when on the sidelines, for the pre-game conference, and whenever social distancing of 6’ cannot be maintained. Can wear a face covering, if tolerated, during a contest.
  10. NOT allow handshakes in the pregame conference or pre/post game.
  11. limit 1 captain and one coach per school in the pregame conference.
  12. bring a bag for their personal items and bring their own water & water bottle.

The host district will…

  1. provide a space for officials at an athletic event to sit during intermissions and to
    store their bag.
  2. provide event personnel to monitor the sidelines/spectators.
  3. provide electronic vouchers 24-48 hours in advance of an event. These forms can be printed and submitted at the event.
  4. provide hand sanitizing stations at the scorers table.
  5. follow all sports specific guidelines and rules.
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