Art Project Deals With Emotions…And What They Look Like

2020-2021 Studio Art Classes with Mrs. Doney

This is a project that Catskill High School Studio Art students did about emotions. The students chose an emotion and expressed that emotion through a piece of artwork, capturing that feeling through their art. Students could choose to use any medium they wanted, from pencil to paint to digital, even a three-dimensional representation if they so chose.

Students learned how and why artists write artist statements about their work, and they wrote their own statements to discuss their artwork. They wrote an explanation about their piece and where they wanted to direct the viewer, but also about how they approached the piece and the formal elements of art they used within it.

“I was so proud of them and the work they had submitted that I felt that I needed to share what they had given to me. Names were removed from the art as requested by the students as some of the emotions are raw and very personal,” explained Mrs. Doney, Catskill High School’s art teacher. “I think it might be appreciated by people who are undoubtedly experiencing similar emotions in this extremely unique time we are in right now.”

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