Important Information From Dr. Cook – Online Survey for Remote Instruction

August 16, 2021

Dear Catskill CSD Parent / Guardian:

As per my prior communications, Catskill CSD is committed to returning all students back to school 5 days a week for in-person instruction in a safe and responsible manner. We are also committed with adhering to the reopening guidelines established by the CDC, the American Academy for Pediatrics, and the NYS Education Department.

Secondly, I am aware that some of our students and / or a family member within the same household have or has an immunocompromised condition. As a result, our parents have requested a remote option for their child or children for the 2021-22 school year. The remote option will be provided by Questar III BOCES, not Catskill CSD teachers. A note from your child’s medical provider will be required for he or she to qualify for the remote option.

Please complete the informational survey so that I can provide Questar III BOCES with the anticipated student enrollment numbers.  The link can be found below. The remote instruction option is a full year (September 2021-June 2022) commitment. It’s imperative for you to review this with your child before committing to the program. The District intends to distribute chromebooks to all students (in-person and remote) during the week of September 7-10, 2021. The deadline to complete the online survey will be Monday, August 23, 2021.

A similar survey will be mailed home to parents who do not have access to the Internet. Again, the completed paper survey must be returned to the Superintendent’s mailbox, no later than Monday, August 23, 2021. The mailbox can be found behind the Superintendent’s office, which is located at 343 West Main Street, Catskill, New York 12414.

As always, please call (518) 943-4696 if you have any additional questions or concerns.


Dr. Ronel Cook
Superintendent of Schools

The Questar III remote learning survey can be found at:


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