CCSD Welcomes New Faculty for 2021-22

Catskill Central School District welcomed the newest members of our educational team to Catskill with an orientation program hosted on our secondary campus August 25. Along with becoming familiar with our programs, procedures, facilities and culture, our new hires boarded a bus for the traditional tour of the different communities that make up Catskill Central School District. For the 2021-22 school year, please join us in welcoming Kristin Langworthy (pre-k), Yvonne Dungan (kindergarten integrated co-teaching), Elyse Weichold (grade k-2 life skills), Molly Joyce (grade 3), Taylor Snyder (grade 4), Charles Jansen (grade 5), Shayna Ostrowsky (grade 6), Katelyn Williams (grade 7-8 integrated co-teaching/ELA), Amanda Esposito (Grade 7-8 special education/math), Dawn Delia (grade 7-8 math academic intervention services), Kaitlin McLoughlan (grade 7-8 ELA academic intervention services), Francesca Piano (Grade 8 English), Trinya Warner (CMS psychologist), Stacey Connor (CES assistant principal), Michael Zabinski (CMS assistant principal), Heather Bradt (CHS assistant principal) and Dr. Dan Wilson (assistant to the superintendent for special education) to our educational team. Together, Cats Can, and Cats Will!

New faculty pose for photo outside CHS

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