Important Information From Dr. Cook: Misleading Times Union Headline Corrected

June 7, 2022 (updated June 7, 3:40 p.m.)

Dear Catskill community,

I am writing to you today to clarify a misleading headline that had been published online in the Times Union on June 6. The article, originally titled “Feds join investigation of Catskills school district superintendent” is about the superintendent of the Andes Central School District in Delaware County, NY, and in no way is about myself or anyone else at Catskill Central School District. I can only assume that the title was meant to refer to the Catskills as a region. I contacted the Times Union and asked them to change the title so that readers did not mistake the article as being about our school, which they have done. I would like to thank our community for your attention to this matter and for your continued support and understanding.


Dr. Ronel Cook
Superintendent of Schools

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