5th Grade on the Water

students paddling kayaks up Catskill Creek toward railway bridge

How many schools can say PE class looks like this? Catskill is a river town, and to take advantage of the unique opportunity this provides, we have a large fleet of canoes and kayaks for our students to experience our local waterways in. 5th graders walked from Catskill Elementary School to the Catskill Creek waterfront directly in front of our secondary campus to learn some basic boating skills. Our physical education teachers showed the students how to properly fit a life vest, get in and out of a kayak safely, and paddle effectively before they all headed out onto the creek to get some quality paddle time! Prior to learning boating in 5th grade, Catskill students take swimming lessons in 4th grade, coming up in June! Special thanks to the Greene County Sheriff’s Department for being on hand to ensure the safety of our paddlers.

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