Capital Improvement Project

Conceptual image of Old Middle School Gym Renovated into STEM Lab

Conceptual image of STEM Lab (renovated existing gym at CMS)

On February 12, 2019 Catskill Central School District residents approved the District’s Capital Improvement Project with a vote of 308 YES to 259 NO.

The Capital Improvement Project will enhance our facilities for 21st Century learning and address health & safety and infrastructure needs throughout the district. The project totals $40,795,000 and will bring needed improvements to the District’s buildings, academic programs, classrooms, security controls, roadways, parking lots, and athletic fields through renovations, construction, and equipment purchases. Due to the COVID-19 health crisis the start date for the project has been postponed until at least 2021.   View Project Scope of Work.

Doing this work as a capital project makes it eligible for 69.5% NYS Building Aid. Because this is a capital project, NYS State Building Aid is expected to reimburse the District 69.5 cents for every eligible dollar spent on this project.

Conceptual image of interior of proposed Middle School Gym addition

Conceptual image of new, regulation-sized gym at CMS (addition)

Funding for the project will come from $4 million the District has set aside in a Capital Reserve Fund, and from issuing bonds that the District will repay over a 15-year period. The average single-family homeowner is estimated to see a property tax increase of $8.41 per month to cover the costs not paid for by the Capital Reserve Fund and State aid. 

This project was developed by gathering input from  various stakeholders—including staff, students and community members—as well as through a thorough Building Condition Survey the District completed in 2017. The input from stakeholders played a crucial role in creating a shared vision for District facilities and to define the project scope. 

Informational Resources

Community Opts for Option 2C in Turf Design Survey

Capital Project Presentation – January 16, 2019

Capital Project Presentation- November 14, 2018

Capital Project Newsletter

Project Scope of Work

HS/MS Site Plan

Elementary School Site Plan

HS/MS Nurses Office Reconstruction

Average project cost estimates for taxpayer

Sample Photos of Project Focus Areas

Legal Notice of Project Referendum


Media students at CHS created this informative video on the Capital Improvement Project. It provides a student perspective on the need for the project.