3rd Grade Supply List

3rd Grade Supply List…

Welcome to the Third Grade

Supply List 2022-23

Please label ALL supplies.
There will be NO sharing of supplies.
Please leave all supplies in their original packaging.
We will help the children fill their pouch with their supplies.
All extra supplies will be kept in a Ziploc bag and stored until needed.


Earbuds/headphones in a Ziploc bag with name on it
4 Sturdy Pocket Folders
4 Spiral Notebooks
1 Pack of wide lined loose leaf paper
6-8 Dry Erase Markers
2-3 Dozen #2 pencils (NO Mechanical pencils, please)
4 Glue Sticks
Crayons and colored pencils
Zipper Pencil Pouch OR Pencil Box (needs to be large enough to hold a couple pencils, scissors, glue stick and crayons)
1 box of gallon zip lock bags(will be used to keep extra supplies, reading books safe and clean).