Allan Couser

I have been a resident of Catskill for the last 65 years and love the community I live in. I retired from Catskill Central School District four years ago, I was a custodian for over 26 years.

I served 47 years as a volunteer fireman for Catskill, Athens and Leeds fire companies. I have had the pleasure of serving on the Board of Education for the last three years and with your support I would love to continue to serve our community and students. I am married to Jean Couser, a graduate of Catskill Central School District, along with my two daughters, Lyn Johnson-Cear and Courtney Johnson-Parish. My main concern as a Board Member, first and foremost are our students. I want our students to have every program available to them. My other concern is keeping our taxes down. I am a retired homeowner on a fixed income as well and understand an increase in property taxes could be detrimental. I am asking for support and to vote for me because I will listen and give you the answers you need.