Deborah Johnson

My name is Deb Johnson.  I have lived in Catskill for 50 years.  I have been a teacher, principal, curriculum coordinator and director of curriculum in my 30-year professional career.  I have served on the BOE for five years.  As a former educator I have taught pre-K, K, grade 1, grade 3, and grade 4, and a grade 3 – 4 loop class.  I enjoy seeing students succeed and become lifelong learners.  To become lifelong learners students, need to be able to question, make mistakes, try new things, try again, research and know how to find accurate information, develop strategies to handle frustration, and get along well with others.

I have two daughters who attended CCSD from Kindergarten to graduation.  Both are college graduates and live with their husbands and families in the Catskill School District.  I have seven grandchildren, two graduates of CCSD and four more headed toward graduation in very different paths.

As a member of the CCSD Board of Education I would like to ensure that all students have ample opportunities to advance their potential in further studies, Career and Technical Education options, and trade opportunities currently offered at CCSD.  The work world is evolving and as a District our opportunities must keep up with the changing work environment.