Lee Heim


My name is Lee Heim and I am asking your support for a position on the Catskill School Board of Education. Currently, I am a Code Enforcement Officer for three municipalities in Columbia County; the Town of Canaan, the Town of Hillsdale and the Village of Philmont. The Code Enforcement Officer is the supervising Building / Zoning Department Leader. In this job, I issue building permits, review projects to ensure conformance with local laws and investigate resident complaints about local zoning code violations.  The job requires organization, leadership, and skilled communication with residents, as well as with Town, County and State officials.

Currently, I also serve on the Town of Catskill Zoning Board of Appeals. Duties of the Zoning Board include; Interpretations – an appeal to the ZBA claiming that the decision of the enforcement official was incorrect: Variances – Permission granted by the ZBA so that property may be used in a manner not allowed by the zoning law. I have been a member since December 2020.

Motivation to serve on the Board of Education:

  • I have two children, one in the Middle School and another in the High School and the students are my main motivation to serve. I hear my own kids’ concerns about the district and I will try my best to make a difference for all the students and staff.
  • I will work to understand the district challenges to ensure the safest and most enriching school experience for all of the students and staff.
  • I will ensure a high level of security on district properties for all students and staff.
  • I want to be more informed about district owned property maintenance needs, set goals for improvements and prioritize the safety/comfort of facilities for students and staff.
  • I will facilitate greater transparency of issues, student programs, and projects to taxpayers.

Personal philosophy:

My personal philosophy is to provide common sense, common courtesy, open-mindedness, and humility in all decisions. Humility is the ability to view yourself accurately as an individual with talents as well as flaws while being void of arrogance and low self-esteem.  I enjoy being a public servant both professionally and in personal endeavors, and I would apply this to serving on the Board.  Listening has always been one of my talents and I want to hear from community, students, and staff members.


I am married to my wife Lynn Antonelli Heim for 16 years and together for the best 18 years of my life.  We have two daughters, Victoria and Emily. I often refer to them as “my three angels” and I am truly blessed by my family.