District 2019-20 Goals

2019-20 Catskill CSD District Level FOCUS

Across all District schools, there will be a clear delineated focus on student learning targets, higher student engagement, more frequent assessments and checking for understanding.

District Goals for the 2019-20 School Year

         District Goal 1:
       Increase course passing rate by 10% each quarter from the previous
       year with minimally  50% of students achieving course mastery.
      * Mastery is 80%.
       District Goal 2:
       Continue to monitor the implementation of Positive Behavioral Intervention Systems
       in each school, while creating positive interventions and incentive programs to
       support student growth and accountability with adhering to the Code of Conduct.
       District Goal 3:
       Meet or exceed the state averages of student proficiency and mastery on all
       New York State Assessments and Regents Examinations.
       District Goal 4:
       Maintain a graduation rate of 90% or above.
       District Goal 5:
       Minimally 80% of students reading on grade level by the end of second