Alternative Veterans’ Exemption

Pursuant to the Real Property Law,Section 458-a, the Board of Education of the Catskill Central School District offers the Alternative Veterans’ Exemption. This is a school tax exemption on the primary residence of eligible veterans within the school district, permitting exemptions of 15%, an additional 10%, and 50% of the veteran’s disability rating as determined by the Veterans Administration or Department of Defense, for wartime veterans, combat veterans, and veterans who sustained a service-related disability, respectively, pursuant to the following maximum exemption amounts:

Exemption Qualification

Statutory Exemption Limits


$ 9,000


$ 6,000





Gold Star Parents, defined as those parents whose child died in the line of duty while serving in the United States Armed Forces during a period of war, shall be considered a “qualified owner” for purposes of eligibility for the Alternative Veterans’ Exemption.