About Us

About CES

Nestled in the Hudson River Valley, Catskill Elementary School is located on beautiful wooded grounds in the historic village of Catskill.  Built in 2002, the school unified two local elementary schools and enabled all children in the district to attend the same school. The new building boasts a set of updated computer labs and a gorgeous second-floor library.

CES proudly serves approximately 700 children from pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5—nearly half the students in the Catskill Central School District.  Additional Head Start classes are housed at CES, allowing preschool-aged children a seamless transition to elementary education.


Our school is much more than a building, and our committed teachers, support staff and administrators prove this every day.  Catskill Central School District’s 2017-18 motto, “CATS CAN & WILL”, embodies their positive focus, celebrating students’ ability to learn and grow.

At CES, students come first.  Children are supported by a dedicated team of educators, speech and language specialists, and social workers.  Teachers utilize a wide variety of well-researched strategies to ensure that they connect with every child.  Individualized instruction and integration provide each and every student the opportunity to succeed. 

CES offers extracurricular activities that represent a wide spectrum of student interests, engaging young scientists, gardeners, musicians, athletes, actors, chess prodigies, LEGO engineers, community builders, and more.

Family and community engagement

Strong connection with families is a cornerstone of our school’s success.  Teachers consistently check in with students’ families.  CES families also receive weekly and monthly calendars via email and text, ensuring that families stay abreast of school activities.  Building Principal John Rivers and Assistant Principal Lisa Schlenker are readily available to family members by phone or for conferences. 

Our PTA is a vibrant organization whose volunteers organize events and programs throughout the year.  The Welcome Back Barbeque, a CES tradition, welcomes students and their families with free picnic food and entertainment each September.  A fun and friendly Halloween event provides every child in the district a safe, welcoming space to trick-or-treat. “Bingo For Books” is a community favorite year after year, and the annual Winter Carnival celebrates CES families in March.