Michael Provenzano
Head Custodian

Facilities Office:

Rebecca Van Alstyne
343 Main Street
Catskill, NY, 12414
(518)943-2300 ext 1413
FAX (518)943-7116

Requests for Use of District Facilities:

Facilities Use Forms must be submitted to Building Administration for approval. Requests should be made thirty (30) days prior to event or first date of event series.

Facilities Use Form

Annual Notifications

AHERA Availability of Asbestos Management Plans Notification

Notice of Periodic Pesticide Use

2016 Lead in Drinking Water Test Results

Lead Water Analysis 2016 Results Sheet 10.28.16

09-21-16 Catskill Elementary #0-4 Lead-48

09-21-16 Catskill Elementary #5-9 Lead-50

09-21-16 Catskill Elementary #10-14 Lead-49

09-21-16 Catskill Elementary #15-20 Lead-55

09-30-16 Catskill HS-MS #0-5 Lead-52

09-30-16 Catskill HS-MS #6-10 Lead-47

09-30-16 Catskill HS-MS #11-20 Lead-51