Staff Directory

Faculty Title Email
John Rivers Principal
Lisa Schlenker Assistant Principal
Adair, Vanessa Psychologist
Allison, Jennifer Art
Alvarez, Tisha Grade 1
Ashley, Diane Nurse
Atanasio, Kristina Reading/RtI
Beers, Tara Speech
Borgen, Brittany Grade 5
Borgen, Lisa Special Education
Brand, Patricia Nurse
Brust, Colleen Admin. Asst.
Bryant, Annmarie Kindergarten
Bulich, Amy Kindergarten
Bullock, Nicole Grade 1
Burnett, Marvin ALC/ISS
Campbell, Kathleen Grade 5
Coleman, Allison Grade 2
Conrad, Elizabeth Health
Crewell-Fuerst, Katherine Senior Clerk Typist
Davi, Ruth Kindergarten
Davis, Caitlyn Physical Education
Dombroski, Dylan Technology Room
Dottino, Cherie Grade 2
Eissing, Samantha Pre-K
Fairchild, Laurel Grade 1
Sue Gage Interim Assistant to the Superintendent for Special Education
Gessner, Kayla Special Education
Giglio, Margaret Instrumental Music
Gonzalez, Jessica Grade 1
Hackett, Alissa Special Education
Hallam, Stacy Kindergarten
Halwick, Angela Grade 2
Hatton, Mary ELL
Hines, Eve Math AIS
Jones, Kim Reading/RtI
Jubie, Naula Registrar
June, Sharon Reading/RtI
Kelly, Rachel Grade 5
Kent, Amy Special Education
Kessel, Ela Social Worker
Kovac, Amanda Grade 2
Kunz, Nancy Library Media Spec.
Luvera, Matthew Grade 4
Maccaline, Nicole Grade 3
MacCormack, Trish Grade 3
McCormick, Jamie Reading/RtI
McGrath, Denee Special Education
Merchant, Marlene School Counselor
Morrow, Tammy Grade 3
Nash, Cynthia Psychologist/Chair
Near, Courtney Grade 4
Ormerod, April Grade 1
Osswald,  Jennifer Social Worker
Palmateer, Nancy Grade 4
Patounas, Tiffany Speech
Penet, Christine Grade 1
Pickel, Nicole Reading/RtI
Polcovar, Lara Grade 4
Post, Shawna Special Ed. Office
Ramirez, Sarah Pre-K
Rice, Neil Grade 3
Ritter, Melissa Grade 3
Scali, Kim Kindergarten
Schindler, Heather Grade 4
Schloss, Barb Account Clerk Typist
Shah, Jackie Grade 2
Smith, Brian Phys. Ed.
Snow, Patricia Grade 5
Standish, Alexandra Grade 5
Story, Katlin Kindergarten
Sutton, Bryan Grade 3
Tedford, Sharon Grade 3
Thibault, Mike Special Education
Van Dyke, Lisa Reading/RtI
Van Hoesen, Linda Speech
Venneri, Jenna Grade 2
Verdichizzi, MaryJo Music
Wallace, Sean Grade 5
Welthy, Tracy Front Desk/Attendance