Mr. William Muirhead
District Transportation Coordinator
347 West Main Street
Catskill, New York 12414
(518) 943-0574 ext. 3452
Fax (518) 943-7108

Payge DiMasi
Assistant to the Director of Transportation, Facilities and Food Service

347 West Main Street
Catskill, New York 12414
(518) 943-0574 ext. 3451
Fax (518) 943-7108

Parents must notify either the CCSD Transportation office or building main office in the event your child will be riding a bus other than scheduled route. 

Notes for day-of changes must be submitted to building main office prior to 12 noon. 

Permanent address changes must be filed with the central registrar before they can be made permanent with the transportation department. 

The District Transportation Supervisor with the transportation contractor shall establish bus routes. Authorized bus stops shall be located in places where students may embark and disembark the buses, cross highways, and await the arrival of buses in the utmost safety allowed by road conditions.

Students need to be outside waiting for the bus 5 minutes before their pick-up time and visible so the driver can see them.

Please be aware that bus times are subject to change depending on trip capacity and minor adjustments made throughout the school year. Times listed are approximate and it is best to communicate with drivers once a daily routine has been established.

During the school year, Transport is available to the Catskill Community Center from CES Monday through Thursday. Parents should call the Transportation Supervisor or the Elementary School office to request an afternoon drop-off at the center.  Parents are required to pick up their children at the Community Center at 5:30 pm.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Payge DiMasi  (518) 943-0574 ext. 3451 or William Muirhead (518)943-0874 ext 3452