Tax Information

Tax Collector: Louise Cammarata
Catskill Central School
347 West Main Street
Catskill, New York 12414
518-943-2300 Extension: 1413

View Your Tax Information & Pay Online

Property owners may access their tax information and pay their tax bill through Info-Tax Online

The website can search by address or owner’s name to retrieve the tax bill

(Please allow seven business days after date of payment for paid status to appear online.)

2023-24 Tax Collection Period

School property tax bills are mailed out in late August. Tax bills may be paid, without penalty, during the period September 1, 2023 through October 2, 2023. All taxes paid or postmarked after October 2, 2023 shall bear an interest charge of two percent (2%) until November 2, 2023. No tax payments will be accepted or processed by the school tax collector postmarked after November 2, 2023. All taxes remaining unpaid after November 2, 2023 shall be returned to the Greene County Treasurer for further collection.

Payment of Taxes

Online:  Taxpayers may pay tax bills online at Info-Tax Online:

  1. Simply enter your first three letters of the last name into the Info-Tax Online and click “Search”
  2. Once you have brought up your tax information, the “Pay Balance” tab appears near the bottom left of the screen. (There is a fee for this service payable to the credit card company. The school does not profit from those fees.)
    Note: the “Pay Balance” tab will not appear until September 1, 2023.

In person:  Payment of school taxes may also be made in person at the Bank of Greene County, 425 Main Street or 100 Catskill Commons during lobby banking hours. Please remember to bring your tax bill with you!

By mail:  The school district will also accept payments by mail so long as the payment is in the exact amount due and made payable to TAX COLLECTOR  and sent to the following address

Tax Collector
P.O. Box 390
Catskill, NY 12414

You must include the original tax bill with your payment. No partial payments will be accepted.

Tax Exemptions:

You may qualify for an exemption for a portion of school taxes through one or several of the following exemption categories:

Information on how to apply for an exemption or the status of your existing exemption(s) can be found by contacting the assessor for your town:

For recently purchased properties, information for and to apply for the STAR Credit can be found at the following website:


Property Assessed Value

The assessed value of your property is determined by the town assessor and provided to the school district with the tax roll. Any questions about the assessed value should be directed to the town assessor:

Athens: (518) 945-1044

Cairo: (518) 622-3120, ext. 252

Catskill: (518) 943-2141, ext. 7


Additional Contact Links

The Greene County Real Property Tax Services website offers links concerning Greene County, NY properties, including: STAR & other exemptions, tax assessors, tax collectors, tax rates, tax assessments, tax sales data, tax maps, etc.

Greene County (518) 719-3527