5th Grader’s Safety Poster Has Merit

Congratulations tCheyenne Teater with certificateo Catskill 5th grader Cheyenne Teater, who is a Merit Award Winner in the 2017 AAA Hudson Valley Annual Traffic Safety Poster Program! In this contest, students in grades K-12 were asked to demonstrate proper skills and behavior for pedestrian, bike, and vehicle safety with the creation of a poster.

Cheyenne created a poster, entitled “Backseat is Safest for Kids,” showing steps of how children should properly wear a seatbelt while riding in a vehicle. Judges rated it based on Cheyenne’s illustration of proper traffic safety practices, originality, creativity, visual impact, and relevance.

She receives a $50 Visa gift card and certificate from AAA Hudson Valley. Her poster can be viewed on their website https://www.hudsonvalley.aaa.com/ and will appear in the September/October issue of their magazine “Home and Away.”


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