CMPSA Summer Music Camp

Campers rehearsing for their upcoming musical.

This summer, 55 students  participated in the CMPSA Summer Music Camp, an enrichment program Catskill Central Schools offers each year to supplement our band and choral programs. The students meet at Catskill High School every Wednesday throughout July to learn the fundamentals of music, hone their performance skills, and enjoy making music! The camp operates as two sessions, with a morning session for incoming music students (students learning an instrument for the first time) and a second session later in the day for students who have experience in either band or chorus.

To show off all their hard work over the four student rehearsing for summer music camp's musicalsummer, the students put on a concert featuring band and chorus performances, as well as their musical production of A Kid’s Life, which told the story of what you would do when all the technology you depend on breaks down. The concert and show were open to the public and took place August 2 in the Catskill High School auditorium.

The music camp is sponsored by the Catskill Music Parent-Student Association (CMPSA) and instructed by MS/HS band teacher Christine Giangreco, elementary band and chorus teacher Annie Drewello, and teacher Meghan Saulpaugh.

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