CES School-based Peer Support Groups – Register Today!

RainbowCatskill Elementary School biweekly groups begin in January, 2022

K & 1st Grade – Tuesday at Noon
2nd Grade – Wednesday at 11:15am
3rd Grade – Wednesday at Noon
4th & 5th Grade- Thursday at 12:40pm

Why should your student join?

  • For students affected by loss from divorce, death, incarceration, deployment, deportation, or a life threatening illness.
  • Certified prevention specialist working in the school will moderate groups
  • Students will have safety to grieve, communicate and heal among peers
  • Gain confidence sharing feelings in a confidential group

For information or to refer a student, please email or call:

Twin County Recovery ServicesAllison Curtis LMSW
943-0574 ext 3232

Paulina Traulsen
943-0574 ext. 3246


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