Students’ Artwork Adorns Cat Auction Paddles

Catskill High School’s Aubree Kelly, Olivia White, Alyciana Salter, and Benjamin Mahoney had their artwork chosen to adorn the auction paddles that bidders used at the Heart of Catskill Association Cat’s Meow Auction, taking place September 17 at the Historic Catskill Point. The four works of art were divided evenly among the over 200 paddles, with one piece of art per paddle.

“This is the first year that artwork by our high school students will be on the auction paddles,” said CHS art teacher Wendy Doney. “I am so proud of each of our students who put their time and effort into their artwork! They deserve to be chosen, quite an honor.” 

At the annual Cats’ Meow Auction, bidders vie to win one of the dozens of artistic renditions of felines that go on display in downtown Catskill each summer. This year, cats made by CES, CMS, and CHS students were part of the auction. Proceeds go to benefit the Catskill community.


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