Alumni Provide Insight Into College Experience

The Catskill High School guidance department invited a panel of recent graduates to return to CHS on January 5 to discuss with our juniors and seniors life after high school and, specifically, the transition to college. Asked “Knowing what you know now, what advice do you have for yourself a year ago,” the alumni shared how they selected their schools, challenges of living away from home, roommate situations, and provided other advice for our current students. Special thanks to the Class of 2023’s Emonnie McGriff, Angelina Shanley, Madison Hallam, Kaylee Nearey, Aaliyah Shook, Adam Konsul, Joseph Konsul, Lauren Liberti, Emma Brown, Nicholas Konsul, Karsen Chiminelli, Christopher Konsul, and Carter VanEtten!

Class of 2023 alumni panel seated in CHS library in front of audience of high school students

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