Labor of Love Restores Cherished Bench

Check out the excellent work CHS students Madison Jones and Ingris Martinez did on this very special bench! Madison, an Independent Architecture student, and Ingris, a Principles of Engineering student, dedicated the first quarter and a portion of the second quarter to this project, working collaboratively to restore the bench to its former glory. 

The bench they restored holds a poignant backstory. It belonged to a retired music teacher from another school district whose husband cherished spending time on it, particularly during pleasant days on their property. Sadly, after her husband’s passing, the bench sat neglected and deteriorating for some time. Recognizing its sentimental value, she approached CHS technology teacher Brian McDonnell to see if anything could be done to revive this cherished piece. Looking at these before-and-after photos tells us the answer was a resounding yes!

two girls pose with fixed up bench


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