2020-21 Budget Information

By count of absentee ballots on June 16, 2020 Catskill Central School District voters approved the 2020-21 School Budget 1116 Yes – 669 No.

2020-2021 Budget Overview

On May 20, the Board of Education adopted a proposed $42,881,212 budget for the 2020-21 school year. The proposed budget is up a total of $240,283, a 0.53 percent increase from the current year’s budget. This increase is due to staffing adjustments, instructional equipment purchases for technology, and anticipated debt service for the capital project. The budget carries a tax levy increase of 3.63 percent, which stays within the limit set by NY State’s property tax cap. Read more…

Budget Documents

Catskill CSD 2020-2021 Budget Booklet

2020-21 Catskill CSD Budget Notice

Legal Notice of Budget Vote and Board Election

Budget Presentations

Finalized Budget Presentation – May 20, 2020

BOE Meeting Budget Update Presentation – April 21, 2020

BOE Meeting Budget Update Presentation – February 12, 2020

Budget Workshop #1 Presentation – January 27, 2020

Property Tax Cap Information

For 2020, Catskill CSD’s estimated Tax cap was 3.63 percent

Board of Education Election

Elected to the Board of Education:

Zebulun Haggerty – 1210
Deborah Johnson – 1377
Ryan Osswald – 1218