2023-24 Budget Information

Budget Overview

The budget totaled $49,888,670 and carried a projected tax levy increase of 2%, which was under the District’s 2023 NYS tax cap of 3.52%. The budget was up a total of $1,312,669, a 2.7% increase from the 2022-23 budget, largely due to inflation and contractual obligations. The District sought efficiency measures and applied $3,576,422 in fund balance to reduce the impact of year-to-year cost increases on the tax levy.

School officials focused on keeping the tax levy increase at 2% while ensuring that students would have the appropriate level of faculty and staff in each building based on need and student enrollment.

  • Program initiatives include the addition of one special education teacher position to support the creation of a Life Skills class for Catskill Middle School students with special needs.
  • Efficiency measures include the elimination of three elementary teacher positions, one physical education teacher position, one business teacher position, one teacher of the visually impaired position, one teaching assistant position, and one teacher aide position from the budget. These budget reductions are the result of lower student enrollment and do not cut student programs. They were largely achieved through retirements, resignations, and not filling vacant positions. The budget also reduces spending for the BOCES Alternative Learning Program due to fewer students requiring this service.

May 16, 2023 voting results:

On May 16, Catskill Central School District voters approved the 2023-24 school budget and elected Deborah Johnson, Ryan Osswald, and Joseph Izzo to the Board of Education.

Catskill Central School District 2023-24 Budget: PASSED 427 yes – 162 no

Budget Documents

2023-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

Budget Development Presentations

Property Tax Cap Information

For 2023, Catskill CSD’s maximum allowable tax levy increase was 3.52%.