Karen S. Van Wie

Hello Catskill Central School District Community!

My name is Karen Van Wie, and I am a lifelong Greene County resident.

I graduated in 1979 from Cairo-Durham High School and have been a resident of the Catskill Central School District for 30 years.  I live with my husband, Dr Ron Chiminelli. We are the proud parents of Karsen Chiminelli who graduated in 2023 as Class Valedictorian from CHS.  My mother, Emily Jaronsik, graduated from CHS in 1957.

Some of you may have heard my name as the previous owner of Catskill Mountain Chiropractic.  After running a busy practice for 32 years and getting to know so many of you, I decided it was time to retire 2 years ago.

As a longtime resident of the area, I have considered running for the School Board before, but, as many of us do, I never felt that I had the time.  In light of the recent events that have occurred at CCSD, I now feel compelled as a taxpayer and community member to finally run.  I have learned so much and witnessed what works, as well as what doesn’t.  I want to be a part of a BOE that respects and communicates with the Community, who will listen to the issues the students, staff and taxpayers have and appreciates their input.  I would like to see increased transparency regarding Board policies and procedures.

Our kids and school staff deserve the best and our district reputation is on the line.  I would be honored as well as dedicated to serving the Catskill Community as a Board of Education member.

Thank you!